Parchman Named CSPD Rookie of Year

Kortney Parchman with the Rookie of the Year Award from CSPD. Photo by Jon Carpenter.

Kortney Parchman with the Rookie of the Year Award from CSPD. Photo by Jon Carpenter.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas–Congratulations to former student Kortney Parchman as she received the College Station Police Department’s Rookie of The Year for 2015 at a recent awards banquet earlier this year.

Parchman graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Forensic and Investigative Sciences with a Science Emphasis in fall of 2012. She started with the College Station Police Department in 2013 and currently works as a night shift patrol officer.

She said that she was nominated by her peers for her hard work and dedication to the Department. She was very excited and proud to have received the award.

“I was extremely honored to receive this award and it meant a lot to me that my coworkers and supervisor took the time to write nominations on my behalf,” Parchman said.

Parchman said she enjoyed working for CSPD and loves the fact that she is appreciated by her supervisors and her peers.

“This job is extremely rewarding and it was very nice to have a night to gather with coworkers and reflect on the jobs well done over the past year, especially in today’s climate in regards to police officers,” she said. “We are fortunate in College Station to have an extremely supportive community, which is truly amazing.”

Parchman is grateful for her degree and said it has been very helpful in understanding her work.

“My FIVS degree has been extremely beneficial with my career in law enforcement because it gives me a greater understanding of the bigger picture when responding to larger scenes,” Parchman said.

She loved the fact that what she has learned in her forensics courses, as well as being involved in the Forensic Science Academy’s minimesters, has helped her improve her skills on the job immensely.

“I believe I have excelled in my career due to the knowledgebase obtained in the FIVS program and through their partnership with TEEX and the Forensic Science Academy,” she said. “I use the skills acquired in the Latent Print Processing Course and Crime Scene Investigation on a daily basis.”

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