Tomberlin Named Director of FIVS Program

Jeff Tomberlin LargerCOLLEGE STATION, Texas – The Department of Entomology’s Forensic and Investigative Sciences Program is celebrating the New Year by introducing Dr. Jeffery Tomberlin as the program’s new director.

Tomberlin was named director in January and will be serving as the conduit between the program and the Department of Entomology. He also will serve as the liaison for the Forensic Education Programs Accreditation Commission, which is the commission that maintains and enhances the quality of forensic science education through formal evaluation and recognition of college-level academic programs.

Tomberlin is hoping to maintain the high level of production that was made during the time the program started in 2007 and to work closely with the Department and students in enhancing the program.

“I hope to meet the same level of production as Dr. Heinz when he was director,” Tomberlin said. “I look forward to engaging the students and working with them to enhance our program so that it meets their needs with regards to their education and future careers.”

He said that he is also looking forward to working with the Department Head, as well as others, on continuing to improve the program for the future.

“I also am excited to partner with Dr. Ragsdale as department head, and with college and university leaders, on the continued maturation of our program to meet 21st century needs within the forensic sciences community,” he said. “I really hope to continue to elevate our program both nationally and internationally.”

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