Aggie Forensic and Investigative Science Organization Members a Big Help to the Community During Big Event

AFIS students clean up a yard of a local couple during the Big Event

Students from AFIS help clean a yard for a local couple during The Big Event on Saturday, March 24. Photo By Maegan Kloesel.

COLLEGE STATION – Fifteen students from the Aggie Forensic and Investigative Science Organization(AFIS) divided up to assist two members  of the Bryan/College Station Community as they worked with thousands of other Aggies during the 2012 Big Event on Saturday, March 24.

During the 30th anniversary of the largest student-run community service event in the nation, students either assisted the Century 21 Beal Inc, Realtors with a benefit garage sale or they worked in the yard at the home of a local couple.

At the home, the first group of students helped the couple by painting trim work, cleaning windows, and performing cleanup of the front and back yards.  Rose Pauler, an AFIS student associated with the project, indicated that the couple worked on the house and property as best they could, but they were having difficulty keeping up with all the maintenance needed.

Pauler said that it was great helping the couple out and that serving the community is a very important part of being a student at Texas A&M.

“Participating in the Big Event is one of the many ways students of Texas A&M can say thank you to the many community members for sharing their community with us for 9 months out of the year,” she said. “I believe it is crucial for every Aggie to experience Big Event at least once before they graduate, to experience the joy of making a difference in someone’s life,  whether it be spending the afternoon cleaning a yard or helping with a benefit garage sale, community service is essential to the Aggie experience.”

The second group of AFIS students assisted with a garage sale held at the Century 21 Beal Real Estate offices in College Station, with the proceeds benefiting the Brazos Valley Rehabilitation Easter Seals program.  AFIS student Natalie Martinez’s group helped with various tasks concerning the general setup and takedown of tables and other items that were used in the sale.

Members also assisted with arranging the  inventory and loading large furniture items and heavy boxes into people’s vehicles.

Martinez enjoyed volunteering at the sale and loved that she was helping out for a good cause.

“This was my fourth time doing the Big Event and no matter the job, I always feel happy knowing I helped someone who needed it,” she said. “The people who ask for help are always so kind and thankful that we came, it’s nice and I’m glad to be able to help out in any way I can.”

Martinez said she learned that no matter what the task is, small or big, there always is a time to help others.

“I thought it was so great of them to take a lot of time out of their schedules to put on and organize a big sale like that,” she said. “So, what I got out of it was, there’s always time to help others, even if it’s a small act.”

AFIS’ mission is to spread knowledge to the community and all those with an interest in Forensic Science. This organization provides hands-on experiences in an effort to create a better understanding of Forensic Science and all the fields that apply to it.  For more information about this student organizations, go to

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